I was late to the VS Code zeitgeist, and as penitence I try to go out of my way to try new editors whenever I see them — which is why this morning I installed Zed, which makes its bones on performance (yay!) and teams functionality (irrelevant for my use cases, but seems abstractly fertile.)

First: it is quite fast, and feels good in many of the ways VS Code does not as a first-run experience. I like almost all of the choices they made (having spent a few hours working in it), and going back to VS Code feels worse to the extent that interface lags and rough edges to which I was previously inured feel newly painful.

That being said: I am going back to VS Code, because too many things that to me are deeply important to my normal day-to-day engineering workflow (integrated test runner; Error Lens; Kolo) do not have parity in Zed. But if/when they do, I'll be back.

Lightning bolt
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