I had bookmarked Kolo many months ago to try out and finally got a chance to integrate it with Buttondown — a process that I expected to take a couple hours on a lazy Sunday and in fact took ten minutes and three lines of code.

If you have a Django app, I think you should drop everything you're doing and install it right now. It is tremendously, immediately, terrific in a way that I haven't felt about a dev tool in quite some time: modern, ergonomic, immediately valuable, trivial to set up.

So much of my feeling on Django and the Python ecosystem writ large has felt Squidward-esque — feeling comfortable with my architectural decisions and comfort with the language while watching Rails, Typescript, and even the PHP ecosystem advance their respective tech trees much more rapidly. This is a rare case where I am delighted to have chosen Python, though I suspect it is only a matter of time until this tool (or at least this genre of tool) is language-agnostic.

Lightning bolt
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