Justin Duke

A month with the iPad Pro
Listening to Chance
Notes for a younger programmer
Subscription Pricing is for Valuable Products
Voice interaction and muscle memory
Only compare you to you
Having written
UX Slang
Books of 2015
Packing as premature optimization
Snippets from Virginia
Your legacy code matters
Why podcasts feel good
You don't need push notifications
Your week in an Irish cottage
Your first day in Dublin
What I miss about video games
On a Plane
What lies under the bandaid
In defense of keys
Two weeks with the Amazon Echo
Two weeks with the Apple Watch
Vine Street Market
Spotify vs Tokyo Chill
An average day
Dieter Rams’ 15 Questions
Coach Marks and Onboarding
Ten Lines of Code
Everything new is old again
Three stages of consumption
Swift is like Frasier
My Favorite Robots
How to make $10 on the App Store
48 Hours in Iceland
Old Books in New Places
2013 in review
How to make $800/mo with three lines of code
2003 and things
Depth and Whitespace
A mindset of abundance
The John Byrd EP

Justin Duke