I make it easier for people to do stuff, usually with code and English. Currently, I'm making it easier for you to read eBooks on your Kindle at Amazon. I'm an avid consumer of Manhattans, Chipotle, and structured data.



I'm currently based in beautiful Seattle! Before that I was in Williamsburg, Virginia where I received a dual degree in Computer Science and Marketing from the College of William & Mary. The last country I visited was Iceland; I need to travel more, and I could always use ideas.


Current obsessions include MFDOOM and Ella Fitzgerald. Eternal obsessions include Paul Simon and Miles Davis. I spend entirely too much time on Hype Machine.


I'm making it easier for people to drink great cocktails with Barback and to read great movie scripts, as well as a slew of other open source stuff.


I'd always love to chat.

(Site built in Pelican; written in Markdown; hosted on S3.)