Justin Duke

Some things about me:

I make it easier for people to do stuff, usually with code and English.

Currently, I'm making it easier for you to read your favorite books at Amazon.

I live in Seattle! Before that I was in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I received a dual degree in Computer Science and Marketing from the College of William & Mary.

The last country I visited was Ireland. The last album I loved -- like, really loved -- was Songs to Make Up To. The last great book I read was The Clasp by Sloane Crosley.

I write things:

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Graphing NBA conference rankings over time.
Making Caves with Cellular Automata
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Old Books in New Places
Pop Songs
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Visualizing NFL Point Differentials
2013 in review
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2003 and things
Depth and Whitespace
A mindset of abundance
Hey, let's crawl Svbtle!
PSA: you should be using console.table()
The John Byrd EP


I'd always love to chat.