The new version of the Buttondown docs site is all in on Keystatic, Markdoc, and Tailwind's typography plugin — which makes it really easy to author beautiful docs in plaintext.

We ran into one small issue, which is that the Markdoc renderer likes to place paragraph tags in table cells, such that:

| Column                | Description                          |
| Subject               | The subject line of the email        |
| Audience              | The audience the email was sent to   |


      ><td><p>The subject line of the email</p></td></tr
      ><td><p>The audience the email was sent to</p></td></tr

This is problematic as Tailwind's prose selector will automatically add a very healthy vertical margin to those paragraphs, spacing out the table!

Rather than drop down to 'raw' CSS, we can apply a gross-but-effective selector to override this:

[&_td>p]:!my-0 [&_th>p]:!my-0

This translates to:

For every p that is a direct descendant of a td or a th, set the vertical margin to 0 !important.

It always takes me ten minutes to re-stumble upon the syntax for [&_whatever], so I'm blogging it as a way of committing it to memory.

(A lot of people will passionately and reasonably argue that such selectors are a code-smell, and I get it, but also — being able to just add those two lines and cargo-cult them around the codebase a bit is actually way easier and way lower in terms of TCO than suddenly having to mentally reconcile two different styling methods. Still, use at your own risk — there's a reason I preface this "tailwind black magic.")

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