Stripe held the keynote for Sessions, their annual WWDC/re:invent-esque conference, this morning. I wanted to jot down some thoughts while they’re still fresh. (I think the changelog is the best way to poke around both the changes I’m writing about and the ones that I omitted.)

Caveat / disclosure

I am a Stripe user and shareholder. That being said, I have a public track record of being very persnickety, as evinced by the sheer number of emails I send to

Thank you Jeff (and every engineer who fixed one of my nits!)

Stuff I am particularly jazzed about

Things that weren’t mentioned but still jazz-worthy

Some stuff was posted in the changelog that I think is quite exciting, despite not making the “will the CFO at Mindbody care about this?” cut:

What’s still on my wishlist

  1. I get that it’s more than that, but still! ↩︎

  2. With the caveat that I can’t use this, because it excepts “Connected accounts who are or have been connected to multiple platforms”. This, like many other things, is both incredibly frustrating and incredibly understandable, and I think leads to some pernicious incentives for platforms. ↩︎

  3. Good primer on entitlements here: ↩︎

Lightning bolt
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