In late 2022 I had designs on starting a new little tool, pulling out some useful but gnarly code out of Buttondown for rendering tweets (and other such similar media) and productizing it. It was called Bedkit, and the splash page is still live for the next few days.

In a rare display of realism and humility, I am letting the domain name pass. Bedkit — still a good idea, in the abstract! — never came to pass. A couple reasons why:

  1. Late '22 was when Twitter announced their API pricing changes, which would have immediately disqualified the business from using tweets as the first tranche of content;
  2. I got distracted.

These things happen; I am not filled with much regret. The prospect of building a second thing seems even more daunting than it did back then — building free tools as marketing seems more approachable. Still, RIP Bedkit — I wish someone else had built you, so I could get rid of a lot of my own code.

Lightning bolt
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