We've been using Keystatic in Buttondown for around six months now: we migrated most of the content on the marketing site (which is backed by Next) from MDX onto Keystatic, and were so happy with the experience that the upcoming rebuild of the docs site will be featuring Keystatic as well.

It's hard to accurately describe why Keystatic, because the market for "semi-static content, but also there are some types, but also there's a CMS, but also there's an API" feels so saturated: Gatsby, Sanity, Storyblok, Butter, Strapi, Contentful, the list grows and becomes more confusing over time. Really, the reason why it felt — feels! – so good to use was because everything felt like roughly the right set of tradeoffs:

It is still early days for the project, but I think it's the best option out there. Give it a shot.

Lightning bolt
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