Was digging through old issues of the personal site and found this draft snippet:

I was evaluating HelpScout as a potential first step in a series of many, many steps to onboard a dedicated support engineer for Buttondown, and it turns out that the process of adding custom content to a given conversation (ie the Stripe information, account details, and most recently sent email, that kind of thing) is remarkably easy. I think I am conditioned to assume pain when I think of the intersection of "customer support software" and "loading content remotely onto a separate SaaS", but it's actually tremendously evening: stand up a single route that takes a POST request and returns HTML, and HelpScout takes care of the rest.

I wrote that in 2022. Two years later, I could not be more thrilled with the decision to use Helpscout and put data into the app to make my support team's life easier. They've done a great job making it easy to put data in without going "all in" on using Helpscout (unlike other helpdesk suites which try very aggressively to get their tenterhooks in ya.)

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