This weekend marks the three month mark since spending an international flight migrating this blog to 11ty.

I think in many ways the true metric by which to gauge the success of a given blogging engine is how much time you spend writing and publishing content relative to how much time you spend futzing with the various knobs, whistles, and templates instead of actually writing.

By this metric, the 11ty migration is a roaring success. My hope was that it would lower the level of friction required to publish both longer-form essays and shorter-form snippets and it would be more futureproof than the previous iteration of my site, which was on a slow and rickety stack of Next and MDX [1]; I've published more writing in the past three months than in any such prior period of my life.

And in those three months I've barely had to mess with 11ty itself at all.

(My source for this site is public, btw.)

  1. Both of which I love to varying degrees, but were very much the wrong fit for my site! ↩︎

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