Good things about this movie:

  1. The Gadot-Pine chemistry is a lone bright spot in the vanilla hellscape of superhero romance.
  2. The “hey, we’re in 1984!” stuff was fun and silly (until they dropped it for no real reason in the second act.)
  3. Wiig was not bad!

Bad things about this movie:

  1. The plot doesn’t make sense. Why does Lord require more wishes? Because it makes him more powerful? But it was also killing him? Why doesn’t he just wish for immortality or whatever? Why is he trying to get more shit at all?
  2. “I’m touching them through particles!” Come on that it just the dumbest shit ever.
  3. The effects were particularly bad this go-round. Lasso-of-Truth-ing a lightning bolt was a nadir.
  5. The movie doesn’t even stop to examine the fairly intriguing premise of what happened to Not Chris Pine’s soul while Chris Pine was inhabiting NCP’s body!
  6. As mentioned above, the movie decided 1984 wasn’t interesting starting in the second act and so we had to settle for very boring set pieces.

I don’t know. I think you need something memorable and good to elevate a superhero movie into something bigger, and I grade on a curve! I thought Thor: Ragnarok was delightful because it leaned into its triviality. But this movie has nothing going for it, and lacked the pathos of its predecessor. Oof.


Lightning bolt
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