Boy, I loved this. This was really really really well executed: a moody, bare, opinionated take on what a film adaptation should be.

I can't think of a single quibble! The acting was uniformly delightful (Denzel struggled in the first two acts, I think, and then really got going as Macbeth descended further and further) and I now have a newfound respect for Alex Hassell who was a nadir amongst nadirs in Cowboy Bebop (2021). The set design and cinematography was by far my favorite piece of the entire thing (just the right number of Dutch angles!) and I appreciated the light touch of whimsy when it came to choose who should portray the Third Murderer.

The only thing keeping me from giving this a perfect rating is an absence of, uh... this is going to sound cliche, but soul? Like this was a perfect stage adaptation of a play, but it was first and foremost a play. I spent the entire runtime agog at how well it was done, but it never turned into its own thing (which is fine — it never wanted nor tried to!)


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