This book was a marked contrast from The Everything Store which I read immediately prior to it, and largely disliked (or perhaps more accurately — was intensely nonplussed by.)

This book had everything I wanted: a plethora of research and factoids in an arena of which I was largely unaware; a strong, opinionated narrative angle with room for nuance; an utterly captivating story from start to finsih. Bissonnette took a larger-than-life story (and I mean that: the details of this book are pretty wild, and his marriage of "personal" and "professional" narrative works much better here than I otherwise like) and placed it in a useful context and had me riveted from start to finish.

I think there are pieces of this book that don't stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny. The personal details are more salacious than rigorous (though they certainly paint a realistic, if not bombastic, picture); I wish Bissonnette spent more time on the nuts and bolts of the early days of the craze going viral, rather than doubling down on anecdata. But this was a fun book that teaches you a few things, too.


Lightning bolt
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