This was really good.

It was a great rom-com, for starters. It is in the style of Linklater's comedies: a long epic bender of a night filled with weird and endearing caricatures. The protagonists are odd and funny and in a timeless way.

But it was a really great OVA. It's technically not an OVA, I guess? It exists outside of the Tatami Galaxy spectrum, but just in the right amount: it borrows the visual language and accoutrement of TTG without making it either a rehash or an epilogue.

It was fun to watch, and delightful, and having seen the anime didn't feel like a "prerequisite" but like an added bonus.



Why, in the half a year since I’d met her, had I specialized only in moats, strayed from the correct path of love, and degenerated into a perpetual moat-filling machine?

Lightning bolt
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