This was a very strong second series, having liked the first series a lot after getting used to the show's warmth and humor.

It felt like it was at its weakest in the final arc, when it was trying to cosplay a little as My Hero Academia; a focus on a slew of new characters who all happen to have quirks (sorry, esper abilities) that show well in a fight, and a final battle that was visually arresting but, like, not why I am particularly invested in the show.

Thankfully, that was only the final arc — I really enjoyed the first arc's slice of life emphasis, and the second arc's diving into Reigen (who grew, in my estimation, from an S-tier character to an S+-tier one over the course of the season.)

This show is still not in my top tier of anime — I think it's going to be hard for a seinen to ever really hit that — but it's still a very fun time, and offers a good blend of pathos and entertainment.


Lightning bolt
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