This book is a five-hour shitposting session between Desus and Mero. That’s all it is!

That’s not a bad thing. The book is entertaining and hilarious. It is not a well-structured book; there are no through-lines, and it probably would make more sense to listen to this in a podcast player than in Audible (or in my case, Libby.) The discourse on Being Washed alone is worth the price of admission (though I think it’s a retread of their other content.) If you like Desus and Mero, you’ll like the book; if you want some entertaining comedy, the book will deliver; it offers nothing more beyond that, nor does it try to and fail.



Something I know is overrated is looking for a partner who makes you laugh. That's all well and good when things are um, well and good, but you can't pay the light bill with laughter.

I do love watching sports though, which is something you have to develop as a Knicks fan. There’s an art and more than a bit of sadism in looking forward to watching a game you have no chance of winning.

Lightning bolt
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