This is a book in three parts whose first two parts seem — how do I say it gently? — a little cranky, or a bit handwavy. I was interested more in reading what prognosticating about the future might have been like sixty years ago, and instead I was treated to a seminar about what awareness meant and so on.

The third part of the book was much more fascinating, Weiner's take on what our relationship should be with technologies that supplement and enhance the human ambit. It was incredibly prescient, and a lot of his takes (my favorite among them being his rant against "gadget lovers" who seek to sublimate the flesh & bone in favor of machinization) hold up in today's world strikingly well.

In this vein, it's more of an overlong essay (with some significant and circuitous digressions) than a serious book and thesis. But it was a fun dollar-store read.


Lightning bolt
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