It was funny to learn that the creator of this series is more widely known for their work on Doctor Who because I very much got the impression during the falling action of — "oh no, they're not going to be able to cohere everything, are they?" And perhaps that's a little uncharitable; it wasn't a Poirot-style level of wrap-up (one of Christie's many virtues is that red herrings are never just red herrings; they exist to flesh out a world or motive or character, not just to throw you off the right track), but the reveal of the murderer did have its hints and callbacks well-seeded. Still, the final episode felt so separate from all the preceding action that I left the season feeling a little more coldly than I had hoped, as good as it was. (And, to be clear: Tennant and Colman's work is A++ stuff. I struggle to think of a better leading pair in this kind of production.)


Lightning bolt
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