I loved Archer in my college years, and I've been spending a lot of time with H. Jon Benjamin during Haley and I's months-long marathon of Bob's Burgers, so I figured it would be interesting to dip my toes back into the ol' ISIS waters.

This was, to be clear, not good television, and while I don't think Archer was ever truly great 10/10 comedy it had a lot of charms and foibles and merits. It knew what it was as a show and it stuck to it (and then fell victim to Flanderization, which I have to commend the aforementioned Bob's Burgers for largely escaping.)

There were bits of promise in this season — I thought the hook of "everyone in the show becomes competent and evolves past Archer while he spends three years in a coma" was interesting, but largely it meant that as the season goes on the show becomes more and more like a cover band playing the previous era's hits. There are still some good one-liners, but it's hard to point to any single episode — any single sequence — that hasn't been outshone by something the show's already done.

Still, easy filler for working on administrivia. If you want a solid three hours of comfort food (well, a very specific brand of comfort food), it's worth a shot.


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