The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Rating 6/10
Status Finished on 2018-08-11

I was given a gun and ten bullets, and told that if I wanted more bullets, I had to get them from the dead bodies.

Men spoke of the glory of Japan and the weakness of China, that Japan wants the best for Asia, and that China should accept what Japan wants and give up. But what do these words mean? How can ‘Japan’ want something? ‘Japan’ and ‘China’ do not exist. They are just words, fiction. An individual Japanese may be glorious, and an individual Chinese may want something, but how can you speak of ‘Japan’ or ‘China’ wanting, believing, accepting anything? It is all just empty words, myths. But these myths have powerful magic, and they require sacrifices. They require the slaughter of men like sheep.

We have children because we can’t remember our own first taste of ambrosia.