There are days where I want to throw all my technology off of a cliff. In the past twenty-four hours:

  • My Time Machine NAS ran out of storage. This is ostensibly supposed to be fixed by Time Machine cleaning up old backups automatically; when I decided to go nuclear and just reformat the NAS, it got put into some weird purgatory state from which it has yet to recover.
  • My Apple Pencil de-synced from my iPad, and appears permanently unusable despite it working fine yesterday.
  • Face ID stopped working on my iPhone. This was fixed with a reboot, but now I can’t connect to WiFi for more than ten minutes for some reason.

Apple is widely acknowledged as the producer of the most usable, humane, and pleasant devices in the world. (I certainly think so.) And yet I have to spend so much time on so many days just treading water, making sure the things I use stay afloat. I’m not a power user, I’m not a tinkerer, and I’m pretty technically savvy, and even then this seems beyond my grasp.

I am thankful for devices that seem inert and almost non-technological in how they operate: my Kindle, my blender, my Echo, my AM/FM radio. These things are not perfect, but I don’t feel as though I’m paying temporal interest by keeping them in working condition.

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