A couple weeks ago my friend Rosh introduced me to the greatest social network ever, which is the Apple Watch Activity Sharing mechanism.

It is terrific: quiet, benign, and universally pleasant. It is, I imagine, what most people get out of Instagram. It consistently entirely of you getting push notifications when someone you know finishes a workout or closes their rings, and you optionally sending a reply.

The replies, by the way, are incredibly silly and cheesy:

There’s a banality to them that crosses over into irony, but it’s so *fun*. There is literally nothing negative or challenging about my enrollment in this little lattice society of Apple Watch wearers; I go for a morning run, I get some texts saying “Yeehaw! 🤠” or “Missed the bus? 💪”, and I smile.

It feels nice. Twitter doesn’t feel nice 1; Facebook doesn’t feel nice. Apple Watch friends feel nice.

  1. Which is not to say it’s not valuable, but it’s certainly not nice 

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