I was building out simple share links for a client a while back; they’re a technical client, so a lot of their content makes more sense on Twitter and Hacker News than say, Facebook. Hacker News is a great source of traffic and engagement from a hyper-technical audience, but its sharing ecosystem isn’t super baked out: we wanted a way to pre-seed a link submission with a URL and title, but couldn’t find an obvious way.

If you’re looking for the same thing: let me save you another five minutes of Googling!

Here’s all you have to do:


All you have to do is hit /submitlink instead of /submit, and supply the URL in u= and the title in t=. (Both are optional, if you want to omit them for any reason.)

Here’s a clickable version of that exact link – try tinkering with the URL and title values to see how it works:


Or, if you’d like, you can try the share link right below this post to see how it works 😉

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