(Originally prompted by this HN thread. I didn’t get enough magical internet points to sate my positive feedback mechanisms, so I decided to elaborate a bit and post it here as well.)

07.30 am → Alarm goes off.

08.00 am → Wake up.

08.15 am → Summon energy to make eggs, shower, etc.

08.45 am → Listen to hypem and read personal emails/HN.

09.00 am → Walk to work.

09.15 am → Arrive at work. Check to see if someone brought in Top Pot.

09.16 am → Brush donut crumbs off shirt. Grab coffee; check metrics dashboards, ticket queue, and internal news.

09.30 am → Grab more coffee. Go through work emails and code reviews.

10.30 am → Morning stand-up meeting.

10.45 am → Code and achieve some pedestrian level of zen.

11.30 am → Check to see if Tacos el Tajin is here and if the line is short.

11.35 am → Head somewhere else for lunch because the line for Tacos el Tajin is never short.

11.45 am → Eat lunch at desk, watching an internal presentation or Coursera video 1.

12.15 pm → Resume pedestrian level of zen.

02.00 pm → Roll a d6. If >3, continue programming. Otherwise, attending meetings for the next ninety minutes.

02.19 pm → Grab more coffee.

03.30 pm → Roll a d6. If >4, continue programming. Otherwise, attend meetings for the next ninety minutes.

05.00 pm → Wrap up for the day; make sure I didn’t miss any emails while I only had one cup of coffee in my system; check to see if there are any new CRs; follow up with anyone who I told myself I should follow up with. 2

05.10 pm → Head home.

05.18 pm → Pass by Chipotle and have a meaningful and slightly existential struggle about whether or not I want a burrito bowl. 3

05.25 pm → Arrive home. Make dinner or eat aforementioned burrito bowl.

06.00 pm → Engage in requisite amount of physical exertion; I try and run and lift twice a week each.

06.45 pm → Watch an unhealthy amount of television (right now: The Wire) while doing something else similarly mindless (right now: Desert Golfing.)

08.45 pm → Take a bath. Seriously, if you have access to a bathtub and you’re not taking a regular bath, you’re missing out.

09.15 pm → Head to Uptown Espresso and do something vaguely intellectual: this is generally either OSS, writing a blog post, or reading (right now: Big Sur).

10.00 pm → Head home. Clean up my apartment and finish up vaguely intellectual activity.

11.00 pm → Make a Manhattan (or have a Dogfish Brown Ale) and listen to jazz.

11.30 pm → Nightly ritual jank; brush teeth, wash face, wear sweatpants. Set alarm for 7.30am.

12.00 am → Go to bed.

12.02 am → Guiltily browse Twitter on my phone for what seems like hours.

12.15 am → Drift to sleep.

All in all: I get to walk to work, spent eight hours doing something I care about, and generally enjoy myself (as long as I don’t look at how much I spend at Chipotle each month.) I drink around four cups of coffee today, but I’m trying to cut down!

Life isn’t too complicated.

  1. Right now I’m going through Image and Video Processing, which I highly recommend. [return]
  2. If there is one thing I am consistently bad at, it is this. There is always someone who I tell myself I need to talk to at 10am which I forget about by 4pm. [return]
  3. Chipotle always wins. [return]
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