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I’ve been using Tumblr a lot lately – or, at least, more than I have have before. 1 It’s been pleasant, and kind of weird, and as solipsist as it is I figure it’s worth gathering my thoughts about a random internet thing that I spend a couple hours a week using. To frame this, I want to pull in a quote from that teenpiece on social media 2:
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Three stages of consumption

In which I navel-gaze 1 a little about how content works. Largely speaking, there were district three ways we have listened to music on our computers, each more sophisticated and easier than the last: Grabbing music from external sources (namely CD-roms). Downloading it from various sources asynchronously (whether it’s via Kazaa, iTunes, or whatever) Streaming it from an online service (Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora) There’s a certain symmetry here in the way we’ve grown to consume television and movies as well.
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My favorite robots

If you ask someone what their favorite robot is, there’s a good chance that their answer is one of the following three: The robot that can answer any question or find anything stored on any other robot The robot that gives you names of other people using the same robot, and tell you small stories about them The robot that lets you pretend to be an alien space trooper There are variations of these robots (maybe you pretend to be a Roman gladiator instead; maybe the small stories can only be a certain number of characters) – but these are the robots that are omnipresent in our lives.
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