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So I finally beat Skyrim.

Well, I’m using a flimsy definition of the word beat.

Skyrim, if you’re unfamiliar, is an open world RPG with no real clear cut goals or finish lines. There are major quests and plot lines, but there’s no final credit sequence where the game spells out “ta-da! You’re done forever! Go do something else!” It’s open-ended the entire way, and you more or less make your own goals.

(Also, in fairness: if you’re unfamiliar with Skyrim, this post will lose some of its luster. Not all, but certainly some.)

Skyrim (and its associated game series, Elder Scrolls) are notoriously difficult to ‘beat’.

Why are these games so difficult to beat? Two reasons: (1) The main thing to do in the game, often referred to as the Main Quest, is a tiny portion of the game (and often the least fun bit of it. All the other things you can do in the game tend to be way more fun. (2) All those other things? There are literally infinite quests. People have spent hundreds of hours in this game and not touched the main quest.

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