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Be a better employee, not a better programmer

André Staltz wrote an article making the rounds, entitled The single tip that made me a better programmer:

As a programmer, you must become one with the machine, thinking how the machine thinks, to a level that you will no longer be surprised by any behavior or corner case. There should be no dissonance between your mind and the computer’s activities. To become fully conscious of the runtime realm in the computer is, basically, programming utopia.

This is a good article, and has merit. But I don’t agree with it.

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Notes for a younger programmer

(A living document.) If you are faced with a question to which you don’t know the answer, spend fifteen minutes looking for the answer yourself. Then ask someone else. There is no shame in asking questions. There is a great deal of shame in being too proud to ask questions. Always leave a codebase cleaner than you found it — whether it’s adding documentation, cleaning up syntax, or fixing an edge case.
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