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Side Projects: June 2017

Note Yeah, this is on here now. I decided having a separate site for Village Blacksmith's posts was dumb, and am now migrating everything over here. Graphs and such are missing for now, but I'll backfill them soon.


  1. Switching App Store ads back on for Barback was the correct move. Yay for repeatable, scalable (well, to a certain point) marketing loops.

  2. Even if I didn’t hit all my engagement targets for Buttondown, it’s in an infinitely better (read: it is actually stable now) place tech-wise.


  1. Wasn’t as aggressive about marketing Buttondown as I should have been. I have a public launch (aka submitting to Product Hunt and Hacker News and seeing what happens) in the calendar, though!

What’s Next

  1. Consolidating my web presence! I’ve given this site a facelift, am in the process of migrating Village Blacksmith posts to it, and then will clean that up so it’s more of a straightforward marketing page.

  2. Launching Very Cute, my silly React Native app for viewing cute pictures of animals. This is like 80% done and I just need to commit to getting it across the finish line.


Source USD
Advertising 1 $0
App Revenue $720
Consulting $4,000
Total $4,720


Source USD
Advertising $100
AWS $0
App Store $210
Apple Developer’s License $9
DNSimple $49
Dropbox $10
G Suite 2 $15
GitHub $7
Heroku 3 $115
JetBrains $15
Mailchimp 4 $15
Nylas 5 $0
Ship $5
Total $550

Total Profit: $4,170

And that’s it! Same time next month?

  1. Okay, I’m a dumbass. AdMob apparently sent me a thing to verify and I didn’t verify it (why do you need to verify stuff via physical mail!?) and so they shut off ad units in June. Hopefully I can get this back up ASAP. [return]
  2. This bumped up from $10 to $15 because I registered another basic account for Buttondown. Sidebar: I hate G Suite. [return]
  3. Also bumped up thanks to Buttondown. I need to migrate the Postgres + Redis instances to AWS, since, well, AWS is free. [return]
  4. Mailchimp also bumped up another $5 due to more Spoonbill signups. [return]
  5. I offboarded Nylas due to their decision to essentially abandon the product. Back to Gmail and Mail.app I go! [return]
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