Justin Duke

Side Projects: June 2017


Source USD
Advertising 1 $0
App Revenue $720
Consulting $4,000
Total $4,720


Source USD
Advertising $100
AWS $0
App Store $210
Apple Developer’s License $9
DNSimple $49
Dropbox $10
G Suite 2 $15
GitHub $7
Heroku 3 $115
JetBrains $15
Mailchimp 4 $15
Nylas 5 $0
Ship $5
Total $550

Total Profit: $4,170

And that’s it! Same time next month?

  1. Okay, I’m a dumbass. AdMob apparently sent me a thing to verify and I didn’t verify it (why do you need to verify stuff via physical mail!?) and so they shut off ad units in June. Hopefully I can get this back up ASAP. [return]
  2. This bumped up from $10 to $15 because I registered another basic account for Buttondown. Sidebar: I hate G Suite. [return]
  3. Also bumped up thanks to Buttondown. I need to migrate the Postgres + Redis instances to AWS, since, well, AWS is free. [return]
  4. Mailchimp also bumped up another $5 due to more Spoonbill signups. [return]
  5. I offboarded Nylas due to their decision to essentially abandon the product. Back to Gmail and Mail.app I go! [return]
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