Justin Duke

Update: May 2017

Man, the momentum is really sucked out of one of these when the update for April came a mere two weeks ago!


  1. Launched Buttondown! There are still things that need to be done: features that need to be written, edges that need to be sanded. But it’s here, and it’s live, and it’s being used. (Not by enough people, but more about that later.)


  1. Sales. are. sliding. This is completely reasonable because I’m not advertising or marketing any of my apps, but it still sucks.

What’s next

  1. Buttondown is alive, but it’s barely active. I want to get it to 25 activated users – I’m defining “activated” as having sent out at least one email – by the end of the month. This will probably require a lot of marketing work that I’m tempted to put off because there are so many more pressing dev things to do, but it’s necessary.
  2. Switch back on advertising and boost up those iOS sales.
  3. Get at least one person to pay money for Buttondown.


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