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Update: March 2017


  1. Spoonbill continues to grow at a steady clip, purely due to organic growth. It’s still not yielding any revenue, which is lame, but I’ve had a bunch of talks with folks about monetization models so if this continues it’s not far off.


  1. Didn’t launch anything :(. I shipped a bunch of stuff for Spoonbill, but a cocktail of fatigue + sickness + massive underestimation meant that I missed both Floradora and Barback’s minor version bumps.
  2. iOS sales are way down, due to a) neglect (as mentioned above) and b) lack of advertisements (I wanted to see how elastic ad-driven sales were. Good news is that I wasn’t throwing my money away with those ads!)

What’s next

  1. I want to ship one big piece for Spoonbill: support for lists.
  2. I want to ship Very Cute, a tiny little React Native experiment that I’ve been tinkering with the fast week. (I have more I want to say about React Native, but want to get this across the finish line before I say it.)


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