I turned 23 yesterday. It was cool.

I wanted to think about all the stuff I learned and did when I was 22. Looking through what I said I learned last year, I was kinda shocked how well it kept up: my love for Manhattans, stouts, Chipotle, Murakami, and Threes has only grown.

What did I do this year? What did I learn this year?

But the number one thing I keep learning time and time again, is the same thing I wrote last year:

I’m going to leave my big resolutions for the end of this year, but if 22 was marked by learning how to work hard and produce results, I want 23 to be marked by learning how to keep healthy. (Which, tbh, will be a lot of hard work in of itself. But at least I’m trying!) Balance is something I’ve never been good at, but I want to change that.

  1. While I’ve made a personal promise to not talk about ~~ the Amazon stuff ~~ for the foreseeable future, rest assured that I have never cried at my desk or been backstabbed by anonymous feedback. [return]
  2. I say “childhood” but I just bought Rocket League, so there’s a little bit of relapse going on here. [return]
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