Justin Duke

Who am I?

Howdy! I’m Justin.

I’m a senior software engineer at TenantBase, where I make it easier for you to find office space.

Before that, I was at Amazon making it easier for you to read books on your Kindle.

I also run Village Blacksmith, a small product consultancy. If you’re interested in expanding your SaaS offering, you should hire me — I’m quite good.

I read a lot; I write a lot. I spend too much time listening to Miles Davis and watching the Miami Dolphins.

I love getting email.

What have I made?

  • Ambience, a background noise generator to help you reach peace and focus
  • Barback, the best cocktail database
  • Buttondown, the best way to build a newsletter
  • Cluebird, a great way to get help with your crosswords
  • Floradora, the easiest way to send yourself notes on the Mac
  • Shotglass, a tiny screenshot menu bar app
  • Spoonbill, a tool to see profile changes from the people you follow on Twitter

What should you read first?

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